Sir – Samundar Mein Nimbu ka Ped Ho To Tum Kaise Todoge?
Student – Chidiya Bankar.
Si r- Aadmi ko Chidiya Tera Baap banayega!
Student – Samundar Mein Ped Aapka baap lagayega!

What will u do after growing up.. ??

Teacher:” What will u do after growing up.. ??
Student:” Facebooking
Teacher:” No! I mean what will u Become…??
Student:” Admin of facebook pages

Teacher: O My God! I Mean what will u Achieve after u grow up…??
Student: Facebook Admin Rights

Teacher: Idiot! I Mean what will u do 4 ur Parents…??
Student: I create a page for them on facebooK. I Luv Mom n Dad..
Teacher: Stupid! What do ur parents want from U…??
Student: My facebook password..

Teacher: Oh God! What is the purpose of ur Life ??
Student:” Facebook but never face a book..